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Learn how to play Craps with Queen of hearts casino parties!

Let the good times roll!

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craps table top

About the Game of Craps


The rowdiest game in the casino is called dice, also called craps, a fast and exciting game with a language of its own. Players shout, cheer, scream, curse, and gesticulate. The shooters elaborately shake the dice, blow on them for luck, and yell for them to fall on the desired score, while the stickman commentates incessantly. For novices, dice appears complicated due to the arrangement of the layout and the terminology used, but it is actually quite simple once the basic aim of the game is understood…


Dice is played on a large rectangular table, about the size of a billiards or pool table, which is in the form of a pit. Players stand around the outside. Up to 16 players can bet on each table…


The players take turns to throw the dice. The person throwing the dice (the shooter) stands at one end of the table and is offered a number of dice by the stickman, from which the shooter selects two. To begin, the shooter must place a bet on either the pass line (also called the win line) or the don’t pass (don’t win) line…”



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