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How many casino tables do I need?


We recommend providing enough tables for 60% of your guests to be able to play at the same time.  Having a variety of different games makes for a more exciting and fun experience. For example, if you were to have 100 guests at your casino party, you would need six Blackjack, one  Craps and one Roulette table for a basic variety of well known Casino games. This amount of gaming tables plays up to 60 guests at the same time.


What is included in our price?
Our Casino Gaming tables come with our professional and friendly dealer service, all accessories for each individual table, opportunity tickets and a Dice Box for you to give any prizes that you supply, and our friendly crew that comes to set up and break down the tables at your
location (before and after your event). If you need individual bubble bowls instead of one Dice Box (for holding the opportunity tickets that are provided by us), I also can provide up to 32 - 8" bubble bowls to be placed in front of each prize.
How long is a Casino Party?


 Our prices are based on three full hours of playing time.  Your Casino Party time does not start until the agreed upon start time. Setting up the tables and breaking down the tables, takes additonal time but is included in your total. If you would like to have more time for your Casino Party, there is an additional overtime charge for the dealers.

Do I need a Party Manager?


Party managers are essential for events with 100 guests or more. They are there to make sure that your event runs smoothly, to fix any problems that might occur (especially in a resort), answer questions from your guests, guide and direct the dealers and guests to ensure the most enjoyable Vegas style experience. If you are having a fundraiser, then they are even more important as they also help raise funds for your organization.

Do I give gratuity to the dealers?
Gratuity for the dealers is not included in the pricing of your Casino Party. As with any service, tipping is based on your level of satisfaction.  Of course it is very much appreciated by the dealers but is strictly up to you.


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