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Singles Events by Queen of Hearts Casino Parties

Casino Parties in Phoenix

Are you a member or administrator of a singles group? If so , Queen of Hearts Casino Parties has set up a great social event just for singles in the Phoenix Metro area and beyond!

We use cards in a special way for your members to not only have a great time and be socially active, but to meet others at your event in a casual and friendly way that is part of the event. Our friendly dealers will help introduce the players at the tables and fun will be had by all!


 The average cost of this type of event is approximately $30.00 per guest.

For example; One Blackjack, one small craps table and one roulette for three hours with the party manager and dealers to run the singles part is normally $985. BUT I am running a special and it is now only $850. This is based on 30 guests attending.

Call for your special pricing today.





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