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Photo of table top blackjack game

BLACKJACK, which is based on the card game 21, is one of the most popular table games due to the fact that players do not have to rely on luck alone. Instead, it is the way they play that determines whether they win or lose…


Blackjack is played on a semicircular table, which is operated by a dealer who shuffles and deals the cards, pays out the winning bets, and collects losing bets…


The card values in each players hand are added to give the scores. Cards from 2-10 inclusive have their face value. Court cards (kings, queens and jacks) are worth 10. Aces have an initial value of 11, decreasing to 1 if the hand subsequently exceeds a score of 21.


Blackjack, the highest hand possible, is an ace plus any card worth 10. Only the first two cards dealt can make a blackjack. Cards dealt to a split hand do not count.

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